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Temporary UCLA housing is available for visiting faculty, but must be applied for well in advance as there is a waiting list.  Applicants need to apply at least thirty to forty-five days before their visit begins, but prospective visiting faculty should ideally apply for UCLA housing as far ahead as 6 months before their planned visit.  After the application is received, the applicant will be placed on the waiting list and notified when housing becomes available.  General information, application forms, and instructions for how to apply for temporary university housing are all located at UCLA Housing.



Alternative housing options for faculty and students

Most past faculty participants in the UCLA-Utrecht exchange have obtained university-owned apartments.  Unfortunately, however, this is not guaranteed, and applicants may also wish to explore non-UCLA housing.  For both visiting faculty and students, help with finding suitable rental housing is available at the Community Housing Office.


Additionally, there are private agencies that provide rental listings in the  Westwood and surrounding area for free or for a modest fee:

Westsite Rentals
Zumper Guides and Listings:


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